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lighting relamp program

A group re-lamp is a strategy of systematic replacement of lamps at pre-determined time intervals, which reduces maintenance costs versus one-off lamp changes.

benefits to client

The life of an average T8 fluorescent lamp is from 4 to 5 years. With LED lamps lifespan can be well over 6 years. Many proactive managers replace all lights as the first ones begin to fail and go off warranty. To keep a clean look and prevent inefficient one-off maintenance, Noble provides a systematic bulb replacement program that not only reduces bulb cost and maintenance, and also incorporates utility rebates to significantly offset installation costs.

  • Group relamping is a cost-effective solution for optimum light output.

  • Group relamp labor costs are, on average, 1/5th the cost of spot relamping.

  • Group relamping enables the purchase of lamps in bulk quantities.

  • Group relamps make effective use of lamp recycling.

  • Maintenance costs are minimized while lighting performance is optimized.

  • Group relamps make lighting maintenance a predictable expense that can be budgeted and controlled.

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