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before lighting retrofit

after lighting retrofit

Annual Savings
KwH 292,056

saving your money and our planet

lighting retrofit

  • Perform complete audit and assessment

  • Design solution to reduce energy

  • Administer and optimize utility rebates

  • Provide Certificates for tax incentives

  • Reduce maintenance costs

  • Reduces your electricity consumption by as much as 68% by installing more energy-efficient lighting

  • Improves light quality, increases productivity and lowers maintenance costs

  • Capture valuable utility rebates worth 30-60% of your project cost

  • Most clients recoup their investment in 2-3 years, some in less than 1 year.

  • Noble uses only licensed, bonded and certified electricians and installers.

  • We schedule our electricians to work around your downtime to not disrupt your work.

  • Amortize your investment or finance the entire project to have zero up-front costs.